Traveling with a Passport: Where you can go
Travelling is so much exciting most especially of it is your first time to reach the land of your dreams. It gives you more time to explore out of your comfort zone and set some challenges along the way. Be it for business or for vacation purposes, each day do offers us new learning experience on a certain foreign land.
But you should know that when you travel you should check if certain document is needed so you can enter in a country without undergoing any hassle. Passport lets its holder to travel on any country all over the world otherwise cited. You can found on a standard passport the name of the holder, date and place of the birth, signature, photograph as well as other related identifying information. Right now, passport is being upgraded with biometric information that is embedded on the microchip within the document, which makes them readable by the machine and not too easy to counterfeit. Most of the citizens of US use passport in travelling abroad and re-entering in the United States. A passport is being recognized internationally as a travel document, which verifies your citizenship and identity.
Same thing with other foreign countries, they also obliged the use of passport on entering and then leaving their country. Other countries could let you enter their territory with your birth certificate or sometimes with driver’s license. However, all individuals which, basically includes US citizens w who travels via air should be able to present valid passport so they could reenter into the United States.
In Europe, through the series of treaties that is called as Schengen Agreement, right now no such virtual border checks occurs on the 26 countries of the Europe. Holdouts, which include the Republic of Ireland as well as United Kingdom and other Eastern European places such as Turkey, Russia, Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina, are now preparing to be one of the members of the Schengen.
Thus, once you travel into Schengen countries, there’s no need for you to stop or even show your passport. You will just simply need to blow those border posts along the superhighway or with high speed train. But with non-Schengen countries, they still have to do those border checks most especially for US citizens. Whether it is a Schengen or non-Schengen country, it is now a must that you will show your own passport right on the first point entry of the Europe or if you will enter again US.
You must take all the necessary care for your passport. However, you should stay calm when a particular night-train conductor will ask for you to surrender it to them. It is common on international night train on non-Schengen country so they will can’t disturbed you with your sleep as soon as the train crosses the next border right 3:00 in the morning. This is also one of the standard procedures among hoteliers on holding for your passports shortly so they could be able to register with the police.