Spring Travel Events to Experience

Spring is often considered the best season for travel. Newly emerging wildlife and blooming flowers are only some of the best things that the season offers. Springtime is an exciting time for urban adventurers. In some cities, April and May are packed with amazing cultural events. New York’s PEN World Voices festival is a display of literary events. You may want to partake in Chang Mai’s parades, traditional dishes and concerts celebrating Songkran or Thai New Year.

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Here are the best travel worldwide spring travel events to experience as a tourist. Don’t forget to include these events in your must-see list.

Rose Festival

The Rose Festival in El-Kelaa M’Gouna, Morocco is a spectacle worth watching. The date of festival varies as it depends on harvest time. The festival lasts 3 days and is a time of dance and song, souk-like markets and feasting. A chariot procession where you’ll witness a shower of rose petals is also held. A beauty pageant is held every year as well.

Processione dei Serpari

Processione dei Serpari or the Festival of the Snakes is held in Cocullo, Italy. It’s one of Italy’s most bizarre festivals as you’ll literally see a wriggling nest of snakes. A statue of St Domenic, who’s known as the protector against snake bites, is adorned with live snakes, jewels and banknotes.


Southern islanders build high wooden towers when the first yam crop appears in April on Pentecost Island, Vanuatu. Village boys and men dive from the wooden towers with only 2 vines attached to their ankles to prevent from experiencing a nasty fall. Diving ceremonies usually occur every Saturday from April to May.

Romeria del Rocío

Romeria del Rocío, also known as Pilgrimage of El Rocío, is held in Ermita del Rocío, El Rocio, Spain. It is the largest religious pilgrimage of Spain that attracts plenty jovial travelers to the Huelva village of El Rocío to honor the story of the holy effigy of Our Lady of El Rocío or Nuestra Señora del Rocío.


Kattenfestival or Cat Festival is held in Grote Market, Ypres, Belgium. The festival actually started in the 12th century. Live cats were thrown by the city jester from the Lakenhalle’s tower. It’s no longer practiced today. Today, toy cats are thrown from the belfry.

Bun Bang Fai

This festival takes the rain dance to another level with high-powered bamboo rockets. Bun Bang Fai is held throughout the northeastern Thailand and Laos. The festival is actually a pre-Buddhist rain ceremony, which is also considered as one of the wildest festivals in northeastern Thailand or Laos. Bun Bang Fai is filled with processions, music, folk theatre, dance and overall celebration.


Pooram is held in Vadakkumnatha Temple in Thrissur, India. It serves as the end to all elephant processions and actually outranks other festivals. Pooram was introduced 200 years ago and although the festival is generally about the elephants, it is actually a wide-ranging festivity that brings Christians, Hindus and Muslims together.