Coastin To Rio

Now that Opening Ceremony is available for on-demand viewing you should have better results of finding cheaper tickets from the US to Rio, Brazil today…

Pricing for flights rise the first week of opening ceremony and Nigeria men’s soccer team arrived the day of the match. Imagine the stretch needed after such jet lag.

Rio games were enjoyable the first week on the TV schedule.  The home basketball team came back from a 30 point deficit to Lithuania cut it to 4 points. The Brazil men soccer team saw a draw in both their first two matches and still have yet to score a goal in first  Olympics. Now they get to do it in Rio, the pressures in the next match moment to learn if they can bring the home land gold. Iraq and South Africa held them to a draw for now. Denmark August 10 match was an event not to miss live.


As you have learned the hotel accommodations aren’t too accommodating for large crowds. Airbnb has signed an agreement with the Rio Olympic organizing committee. They were named the alternative lodging suppliers. 20,000 possible listing all at different price levels for your negotiation with the host of the property. Once you found a place to stay within the atmosphere the enjoyment begins.

As a tourist on vacation with the pros over & we had to dedicate this post to them and share our experience in the Word Class Ticket Exchange of Rio. All of us our passport holders and keep our interest of continuing travel as we expand our business as contractors and lives as Word Class Ticket Exchange(ers).

Brazil Travel Ticket Exchange media

Rio is the largest city in Brazil and Portuguese is the language spoken. Real is the currency you need to exchange. $0.25 is its worth. You can depend on a meal at a locally owned spot for 14 Brazil Real, grocery 70-100 Brazil Real, and of course go up from there for beach and tourist restaurant options. Here at the WC Ticket Exchange we believe in travel of course and with travel comes culture and with culture language. So the education to maneuver your Real and spot to spot experience can immerse you more into a knowledgeable experience in communication outside your usual. Still we people can understand people. Learn more languages.

Rio de Janeiro is a seaside city so it is a must you hit the beaches. The Copacabana Beach is one of the many Atlantic Ocean provides even finding the locals relaxed in the birthday suits.  Lots more to learn in part two.