Bali Before You Die

Living around the world is the ultimate premise of the World Class Ticket Exchange. Traveling and seeing all walks on this earth before you no longer breathe and have the same energy you feel inside your fingertips with to utilize.

The islander style surfing, learning the culture through walking the markets exploring the art and rich cuisine and the natural life enthusiasm that is engulfed in Bali makes it a vital place for world travel while you can live & gain perspective of our world life as we know and experience it. Bali already has a reputation for being the ideal tourist location. This exchange is brought to you by a Flooring Atlanta contractor that spent a honeymoon on this beautiful island.

The island is known around the world for its mountains, palaces and temples. The main food dish is rice so the many rice fields are a sight to see. Culture, art, and religion reside and stand strong on the island. In more recent time it is making itself known for very fine dining, spas, and surfing. The perfect combo for any tourist. The tropical island has an amazing blend of rich history and culture with a rise of inland and offshore attractions that tourists are in search of every year. This Atlanta Flooring newlywed describes walking the cultural district viewing artwork displaying the true vision of the streets behind the tropical paradise. 

Ubud is known as the artistic capital. Here you will witness cultural dance and the culmination of Balinese music, yoga classes, and your even able to partake in silversmith workshops. Explore the jungles and be in awe of the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary. As night falls the beach clubs are on the rise. It is a Bali tradition to hop to club to club through the night at the center of it all at Kuta Beach.

You cannot forget to envision the middle of Bali which is where volcanic mountains lie and many of its’ temples. All in all, from the surfing, white water rafting, food experience, art & cultural ambiance, Bali is sure to leave you with a smile whether with your counterpart, family, or solo spiritual journey.