Bali Before You Die

Living around the world is the ultimate premise of the World Class Ticket Exchange. Traveling and seeing all walks on this earth before you no longer breathe and have the same energy you feel inside your fingertips with to utilize.

The islander style surfing, learning the culture through walking the markets exploring the art and rich cuisine and the natural life enthusiasm that is engulfed in Bali makes it a vital place for world travel while you can live & gain perspective of our world life as we know and experience it. Bali already has a reputation for being the ideal tourist location. This exchange is brought to you by a Flooring Atlanta contractor that spent a honeymoon on this beautiful island.

The island is known around the world for its mountains, palaces and temples. The main food dish is rice so the many rice fields are a sight to see. Culture, art, and religion reside and stand strong on the island. In more recent time it is making itself known for very fine dining, spas, and surfing. The perfect combo for any tourist. The tropical island has an amazing blend of rich history and culture with a rise of inland and offshore attractions that tourists are in search of every year. This Atlanta Flooring newlywed describes walking the cultural district viewing artwork displaying the true vision of the streets behind the tropical paradise.  Continue reading “Bali Before You Die”

Atlanta Ticket Exchange

In the spirit of where we left of with our last post and the season of NBA tip-off season, it is only right that we recognize some of the arenas that rocked the house during the playoffs last season. Our notable was Phillips Arena home of the Atlanta Hawks, Atlanta Dream and all of 17,000 plus event seating, which goes to 18,000 for all basketball NCAA included scheduled events. In this post we will marvel at not only the top events for upcoming event tickets at this venue but also, the popular fall to winter favorite events that you should be looking to visit and experience for yourself.

Phillips Arena has an interchangeable Atlanta flooring that can show the Hawks and the Dream floor designs with one switch. This arena has even been home to NCAA tourneys and numerous exhibition games. All the workers have to do is essentially lift and roll the hardwood flooring Atlanta Hawks play with and roll out the Atlanta Dream or any other NCAA logo floor. It is considered one of the best state of the art multi purpose and entertainment complexes in the world. We been through the sports breakdown but the entertainment is just as enticing. How about the Beer and Taco Fest on November 28th? This event is a first time ever. You have art, music, tacos and beer all in the same environment. Performances from hometown hip hop hero T.I., Asap Rocky and local rap trio Migos will provide the musical ambiance. A turn up is in order for sure. Since this is a first time event they are expecting a great turnout and to bring this shindig back annually.

The next month in December you have Kobe Bryant and the LA Lakers coming in to town which is certainly a highlight being that he is a living legend coming toward the end of his career. Even though this is not the playoffs, watching Kobe is always a treat especially when he is healthy and so far so good. Let us hope he makes it until December and beyond. A week and a half later and Atlanta is presented with The Weeknd, a Grammy nominated artist perfect for a December chill evening. Tickets are on sale now of course and so far still available but I expect it to sell out based on his huge following.

In our next post we look to step outside the arena environment and explore Atlanta, Georgia’s festivals and events that seem to always take place in the various public parks open to all art, food, music, and culture lovers and those who like to experience them alike.